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Lash Care

No eye makeup or contacts when coming for your appointment. Make sure your lashes are clean from all makeup/mascara. Not doing so adds time to your appointment.

Don't wear mascara with your lash extensions. Any oil or glycerin based makeup/skincare breaks down the adhesive causing your extensions to fall off, which then will adjust the pricing of your fill at your next appointment.

Crying, rubbing and touching your eyes and lashes will effect your lash retention.

Wash your lashes daily with a lash wash. 

Clean lashes have better retention, which equals into less time for your fills.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach as this breaks the adhesive bond.


Do lash extensions damage my natural lashes? No. When extensions are properly applied, there is zero damage to your naturals. Damage comes from improper application and training. 

I’ve had a bad experience and reacted before, can I get extensions again? Yes, I would suggest a patch test first to see if you'll react to the adhesive again before getting a full set. Most reactions happen within 24-48 hours.

  • Cancellation

Cancellation Policy.

Please arrive early/on time for all appointments. If you are more then 15 minutes late, your appointment will be rescheduled for a later date and there will be a $50 cancellation/no show fee if not cancelled before 24 hours of your appointment.